Friday, April 27, 2012

Caveat Emptor, Renter Style

Out of the frying pan, into the fire
Renting has left so much to be desired
An ideal situation, now gone south
We naively trusted the words of mouth.

Hornswoggled, bamboozled, we're rendered dazed
Our good faith evaporates in the haze
Of documentation, or lack thereof
Our word against theirs, when push comes to shove.

The deposit we lost is being used
To fix blemishes of which we're accused
Defects, mind you, that were already there
The result of decades of wear and tear

The song of the banjo has come to mind,
With a porcine squeal, no longer confined
Outrageous! Contemptible! What to do?
When you've bitten off far too much to chew?

Our only recourse is this lesson learned
Trust not in your lessor, for you'll be burned
Notate and photograph every square inch
To save yourself from a similar pinch.


  1. You could fight it, Kris, and perhaps win. Make a case that such wear and tear couldn't have possibly happened in the short time you lived there. But then there's always the question of "Is it worth it?"-the time and energy, the aggravation? I've found that it usually isn't. But it's really sad how corrupt and dishonest some people can be.

    1. NP, I think we are just going to chalk this one up to a hard lesson learned. I had a great deal of fun writing was extremely cathartic!

  2. how fun it was to write such thing into poetry? you've been creative in your way:-)
    sorry to hear about the deposit loss. i had lots of fighting with the owners of my business locations (i used to own small business) for this and that. one landlord screwed my deposit and i finally gave it up, because i was just happy to get out of "business".

    1. I think I've gotten my discontent out of my system now. My husband and I will never make this kind of mistake again, that's for sure!