Sunday, June 11, 2017

Axis II

brash, smart, magnetic
i ate you up with a spoon
too good to be true

friends questioned my choice
"this is fine," and it was fine--
 things were that good.

i accepted you
for who you already were
gave you all my heart

gave you family
asked for nothing in return
overlooked your flaws

i let you be you
i made excuses for you
i let you crush me

i am defeated
my spirit, worn and wary

oh, the boundaries
you've crossed, exacting revenge
for slights you've perceived.

chip on your shoulder
albatross around your neck
blind spot a mile wide

you like setting fires
drama and polarity
then, you play victim.

crying "loyalty!"
demanding that i take sides
while you betray me.

the havoc you've wreaked
amongst family and friends--
it is all on you.

why won't i let go?
caught in a loop: hope, despair,
anger, bargaining.

i am waking up,
getting off this crazy train.
no, this is not fine.

but...i will be fine
and i won't harden my heart
while keeping it safe.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Drizzle sifted in unapologetically through the gazillion duct-taped crevices littering the expanse of Kimmy's double-wide, moistening the already warped paneling within as if to distract her from the task at hand, which literally was to rub one out before Jerry Springer started while simultaneously trying to flick the glutinous booger she'd just rolled from between her free thumb and index finger into the welcoming orifice of the gleaming Simple Human knock-off trash can she'd recently purchased at Big Lots. Having succeeded at the latter, she hastily attended to her own orifice(s), climaxing as the first ratchet baby mama was being introduced, eyeing a bag of Doritos as she purged herself into twisted redemption.